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5. I haven't even felt tempted!

I am very happy to report that I am a non-smoker. I've now gone through all of my triggers and haven't even felt tempted, so life is good.

I do think of smoking sometimes but that's only in a "I would normally be smoking at this point" kind of way. It's very empowering to think well actually, I don't need it.

I have recommended you to quite a few people actually. If you do have any business cards/ brochures that you could pop in the post to me at any point, that would be really helpful.

Thanks a million







6. Feelings at one month then at six months

First at one month...

I hope you are well. I just looked at my calander [sic] and realised that today marks exactly a month since I came to see you, which means I have now officially been a non-smoker for a month! I can't believe it! :-) The difference it has made has been astonishing; I have a renewed enthusiasm for my job, have taken up triathlon, and if anything have actually lost weight! I didn't realise quite how much it was holding me back in just about everything that I did before, and after years of feeling like I'd never kick the habit, I finally feel free. It feels amazing.

I have had the occassional [sic] 'craving', although these have tended to be more of a wave of anxiety rather than a desire to smoke, and are quickly overcome by using the 'finger pressing' technique you showed me. However I haven't needed to use the technique for a fortnight now and whenever I do feel uptight now I just think, 'it's ok, you don't have to smoke any more,' and I smile and get on with my life...

I can't thank you enough for what you have helped me achieve, it is simply life-changing.

Then at six months...

just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how I've been doing since I saw you on the 4th January. I haven't had a puff of a cigarette since - 6 months reached - hurrah! I am so proud of myself and so grateful to you for helping me break free, it really has been like having the handbrake taken off my life and my career has come on in leaps and bounds as a result of being able to genuinely lead the healthy lifestyle i advocate to my clients. The most amazing thing of all is that many of my friends who still smoke do so around me all the time and I haven't once felt tempted to join them. On the contrary I actually find it quite empowering!

So thank you once again for your wonderful help and I will continue to recommend you to my clients.

7. I can't believe that I don't crave them!

Yes I am still not smoking and am loving being a non smoker. I would like to say that I never think about cigarettes but I do now and again, mainly because I can't believe that I don't crave them! At the beginning I would get an empty feeling and not know what it was but then would realise that it was just that at that point I would normally light up, now I just fill the empty feeling with something else like... a job that needs doing. I do find that I am a lot more motivated and have bags of energy. I am positive that I will never want or feel the need to smoke again.

Thank you so much for helping, you made it so easy for me.


8. Not missed smoking at all

Many thanks for your follow up email. The weeks have flown by and I really have not missed smoking at all. After an initial couple of days of feeling somewhat down the most fabulous thing is a feeling of calm and well being borne of not going through the rollercoaster of needing but not being able to have cigarette. Being free of this is by far the best thing aside from feeling cleaner and more fragrant !

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9. I will never want to smoke again

Just wanted to let you know that I've not had a cigarette since I saw you and am confident that I will never want to smoke again.

So, thank you so much, I'll definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

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