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Stephen Rigby

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Stephen Rigby Hypnotherapy

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The 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Stephen Rigby

As Your Hypnotherapist To Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy 100% effective - that is what people want to hear - hypnosis may be extremely effective when the person really wants to stop smoking but it is not 100% effective and it is not ethical to make such claims.  The Advertising Standards Authority rules are pretty stringent even to the point of requiring blood testing and disallowing any individual from advertising their personal effectiveness but claims like 95% effective are still made - and when they are, one must question the ethics and trustworthiness of the hypnotherapist making them.   

So if statistics are not allowed, what other ways can you judge in whom to place your trust.  As with all professions all hypnotherapists are not the same. Here is a list of ten reasons why you should invest in the services of Stephen Rigby rather than one of the many self proclaimed “stop smoking specialists”.

1. An Individual Service

You receive an individual service tailored to you personally – not a script, claiming to have a high success rate, learnt by heart and recited verbatim to everyone.  If you wanted that you would buy a CD!

2. One Session

Your consultation lasts between 90 minutes and two hours – smoking cessation is a decision – something that happens immediately, not a process that you spend days or weeks agonising over!

3. Free Backup Sessions if Required

I offer two free backup sessions within the first six months. This is offered to address a very specific condition effecting one or two people in every hundred but it also offers a safety net to those smokers who have difficulty making their decision to be a non-smoker.

4. An Experienced, Full Time Therapist

Your hypnotherapist has been in full time practice since 2002 seeing people on a daily basis for a full range of issues – he is not someone doing therapy in their spare time or a “one trick pony”.  

5. Excellent Appointment Availability

Because I am a full time hypnotherapist and not someone doing a bit on the side, most people can get an appointment within 7 days of their call. Smoking cessation is most successful when one acts immediately on ones decision, so delaying the process actually makes you less likely to succeed.

6. Recommended Personally by Medical Practitioners

You have a hypnotherapist in whom the medical professions (doctors, consultants and dentists) have sufficient trust to refer their patients. He was the hypnotherapist for the Surrey Park Clinic for a number of years and recognised by BUPA until they stopped paying for hypnotherapy treatment.

7. Fully Registered and Insured

Stephen Rigby is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) as a senior practitioner. The GHR is the largest registration body in the country.  It is also independent, not a body set up by a training organisation to accommodate their own pupils.  Full professional insurance is a condition of membership.  

8. Registered in the UK

Stephen Rigby is a member of a UK registration body. It is less common now but sometimes a hynotherapist claims membership of an international body.  “Internationally recognised” may sound impressive but it usually means that their training is not recognised in the UK.

9. Honest Presentation of Credentials

Stephen Rigby’s main qualifications are externally verified by the NCFE.  Many hypnotherapy training courses are not recognised in this way.  Many hypnotherapists also deceptively label themselves or what they do as being “advanced” or call themselves a “master”.  These are meaningless titles.   

10. Easy Access and parking at Guildford and Woking Practices

You have easy access to practices in both Guildford and Woking in Surrey so you can choose the one most convenient to you.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Now!

Stopping smoking can be easier than most people believe. Book a hypnotherapy appointment to stop smoking with Stephen Rigby now! Ring Stephen Rigby on 01483 566115 or complete the stop smoking booking form.

An average smoker (20 cigarettes a day) spends over £3700 (2017 figures) a year on cigarettes; a stop smoking session with Stephen Rigby is just £250 - less than a tenth of that amount.  For more information see our main page Stop Smoking Surrey.

Why Stop Smoking With Stephen Rigby?