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Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy or Weight Control

If you are overweight it seems logical to talk about weight loss but weight loss is relatively easy to achieve - it is keeping it off that is the problem.  It is in the area of keeping weight off that dieting seems particularly ineffective. Many would even say that dieting makes you fat!

Hypnotherapy for Weight Control is Not Dieting

Hypnotherapy for weight control aims to address your weight problem in two ways. Firstly, to help you get back in contact with your natural weight control mechanism and secondly, to address any psychological barriers to you being slim.  As a general effect you should expect your enjoyment of food to increase but your consumption to decrease.

Activate Your Natural Weight Control Mechanism

People who are naturally slim have no fear of food and seem to exert no control over their eating. They even know that chocolate doesn’t make one fat. Yet the truth is that they have an extremely rigid control over their eating – they eat when their body says to eat and stop when it says it has had enough.  

This control mechanism exists within every healthy person and using hypnotherapy for weight control enables you to access it.

Remove the Psychological Barriers to Being Slim

Many people blame things like their metabolism for being overweight or claim that they just “can’t stop eating”. There are also those who put their lives on hold until they can get thin. Without realising some people are just happy being fat but they may also have a fear of being thin. These things are psychological barriers to being thin and often start at a young age. The danger of training your children to comfort eat is something that all parents need to be aware of.

You Can Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Hypnotherapy for weight control is not a quick fix. To control your weight requires trust in your body and dealing with your emotions in an appropriate way. Hypnotherapy can help you do this.

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Using Hypnosis and tools like NLP Stephen Rigby can assist you to get control of your weight.

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