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Hypnotherapy to cure a Social Phobia  

Hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be effective treatment to cure sociophobia; a phobia that makes the sufferer fear social situations.

What is a Social Phobia

Sociophobia, a social phobia or fear of social situations can present its self in many different forms. At one extreme one might feel that society is an unsafe “organisation” leaving one feeling defenceless and open, at the other extreme one may feel extreme embarrassment, repressed or trapped. The variation in symptoms may make it similar to agoraphobia or, at the other extreme, claustrophobia.

How does a Social Phobia Develop

A social phobia typically develops in early teens or at puberty and generally as a result of an unpleasant or difficult social interaction.  The mental processing that leads to the problem may, however, have its origin at a much earlier age. I had one client who had developed a social phobia from an incident as a young child when he nearly drowned. He subsequently experienced social situations as being enclosed, unable to breathe.

How can Hypnotherapy help a Social Phobia

Hypnotherapy and NLP is used to help the person suffering from a social phobia to view the initial sensitising experience, if they are aware of what it was, from a different, safer, perspective. The hypnosis allows you to develop a new perspectives of social situations and your place in them. These new perspectives allow you to develop new social skills and put any social anxiety into the normal range experienced by most people in society. Correct treatment using hypnosis can cure your social phobia. Hypnotherapy and NLP can be extremely effective in the treatment of a social phobia.

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Stop putting up with your social phobia. Book a hypnotherapy appointment with Stephen Rigby at his Guildford or Woking, Surrey practice for treatment now! If your symptoms are severe and you feel unable to leave your home, special arrangements for home visits may be possible. Remember you can get a free introductory appointment in Guildford if you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail. (Normal Prices Here)

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Curing a Social Phobia

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