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Address: 101 Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7PF  © Stephen Rigby 2002-14 All Rights Reserved  Sitemap

Addressing Fears and Phobias

“Is it safe to come out yet?”

Cure Fears and Phobias with Hypnotherapy

If a fear becomes uncontrollable or irrational it can be described as a phobia. Hypnotherapy, using hypnosis and techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), can be an effective treatment to cure fears and phobias.

How Do You Get A Phobia?

Strictly speaking a phobia is a fear of a fear. Fear is a protection mechanism but the natural process of addressing a fear can sometimes be interrupted - when interrupted this can result in a phobia. The process that manages a fear can be interrupted usually by:

If a phobia is initiated by observing someone else’s fear the phobia can be described as being “inherited”. Some phobias like a phobia of thunder and lightning are frequently “inherited”.

How Do You Treat a Phobia?

Addressing a fear or phobia is a process of reducing the sensation of fear.  Ideally, in the process of addressing a fear or phobia using hypnotherapy one should not feel fear. You are learning control so you have to feel in control – you will not be given surprises!  That means, for example, your hypnotherapist will not plant spiders round you if you have a spider phobia nor will he be making you sick if you have Emetophobia (a fear of being sick).

You have a fear of what?!

To complicate matters it is possible for fear to become misdirected.  A logical example of this would be the lady who has a fear of spiders becoming frightened of travelling on the underground because of the dark tunnels where spiders may reside. The connections are not always that obvious and this phenomenon is explored in the Strange Phobia and Phobia Creep pages.

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