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“I love food so much I can't stop eating!”

This is a common excuse for being overweight but often it does not stand up to scrutiny.   

Eating Should be a Pleasure

The first issue that is implied by this excuse is that no matter how much is eaten, the last mouthful is as enjoyable as the first - even though the person is overeating.

We all know that when we overeat we feel pain and it becomes harder and harder to force food down.  It is not pleasurable - no matter how delicious the food may be!

Do You Overeat at the Expense of Enjoyment?

If one loves food why create discomfort to eat it?

Generally people who overeat eat very quickly. It takes the stomach 20 minutes before the signals it sends the brain are and accurate indication of the contents of the stomach.  Therefore eating very quickly will allow one to consume large quantities of food without discomfort (at least for the first 20 minutes).

The problem for the “food lover” with this strategy is that they have to eat so quickly that they do not really taste the food they say they love so much.

Do You Eat Quickly or Slowly?

Eating is something that we have to do and we have been equipped with sensory mechanisms that enable our enjoyment of eating. There can be nothing more enjoyable than a relaxed meal eating fine food in a comfortable location with stimulating company. Every aspect of the meal is important. For food to be enjoyed, it must be savoured – the tastes the textures the fragrances all coming together to produce a pleasurable physical and mental experience.

Force feeding oneself or eating too quickly can not, therefore, be associated with “loving food”.

Why can you not stop eating?

We are left with emotional reasons for eating. Sometimes it is the fat being accumulated that justifies the overeating as described in the page “happy being fat”. Sometimes the person may have been trained as a child to overeat where it became associated with being “good”.

Weight Control Cannot be Achieved at the Expense of Enjoyment

It is not uncommon for my Hypnotherapy clients to discover that they have been regularly eating food that they do not like and nearly all of my weight control clients report that their enjoyment of food and overall sense of well being increases (while the amount eaten decreases).

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Can’t Stop Eating?