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Hypnotherapy to cure a Needle Phobia –
Fear of Needles or Trypanophobia

Using hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) it is possible to cure a needle phobia, fear of needles or fear or phobia of injections.  For most people when they say they have a needle phobia it is actually a fear of injections that is the problem.

A Difficult Phobia if You Want to Stay Fit and Healthy

A needle phobia is not one that can be avoided that easily. Ones needle phobia or injection phobia will cause problems if one has a baby, an operation, an inoculation such as when one desires to visit certain countries, has an illness investigated or visits the dentist for dental treatment.

Needle Phobia Symptoms

The symptoms of injection or needle phobia may be intense fear or panic that can cause the sufferer to run away or a reaction that makes the sufferer faint or “pass out”. The fear may be due to the expectation of pain, the expectation that something bad is going to be done to ones body or a fear that one is gong to pass out. A needle phobia can endanger the sufferer’s health, comfort and well being by making them avoid or refuse essential medical or dental treatment.

How Do You Get a Needle Phobia?

A needle phobia or phobia of injections generally has its origins in some traumatic experience involving actual mental or physical pain, physical injury or fear of physical injury. The incident does not have to involve needles or sharp objects but often it does. It is not uncommon for a needle phobic to describe incidents in their childhood where they were physically restrained during an injection.  A needle phobia can also develop after seeing another person’s fear.

Help for your Needle Phobia from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and NLP are used to help the sufferer to develop a new safer perspective that does not hold the fear that was programmed in when the needle phobia was initiated. To read how one of my clients learnt to manage her fear of injections read "Needle or Injection Phobia Managed – Ellie's experience".

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Curing a Needle Phobia

How Effective is Hypnotherapy in Curing a Needle Phobia?

Ellie came to me to address her fear of injections. Read how hypnotherapy cured her fear of needles.