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Stephen Rigby Hypnotherapy



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Address: 101 Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7PF  © Stephen Rigby 2002-14 All Rights Reserved  Sitemap

Hypnotherapy for Emotional and Life Issues

Hypnotherapy can help you address those emotions that life throws up at you

Life can sometimes throw some difficult situations at us.  The emotions that these situations create are sometimes difficult to manage.  There is nothing more difficult to address than when we allow our emotions to get out of control. When it happens we become trapped within a swirl of emotion that prevents us from seeing anything other than the problem it creates.  We find ourselves “unable to see the wood for the trees”.

Hypnosis is a highly efficient state of brain activity. Using hypnosis it is possible to park a problem, step outside it and look for the solutions that will bring the emotion back under control.  Using hypnotherapy can help get your emotions back in check and your behaviour back to being more rational.

Bad emotion? Good emotion?  

Have you ever questioned a previous decision in the light of new information?  Have you ever had to be forceful to stand up for your rights?  Have you ever had to take action because you were worried that someone was going to take something from you? Have you ever felt sorry over losing something of value?

These are all things we encounter as a result of being human and having a life.  Most people will say yes to every one of the above statements and will feel reasonably comfortable about saying so.  If I phrased the questions differently you may feel different about your answer.  Do you lack confidence in yourself? Do you get angry sometimes? Have you ever felt jealous? Have you ever experienced grief?

Addressing problem emotions is sometimes all about taking a different perspective.

What makes an emotion a problem?

An emotion becomes a problem when it swamps other emotions and starts to dictate behaviour. Jealousy, anger, doubt, insecurity, lack of confidence, feeling down or depressed and grief are all natural ways to feel and they can all be regarded as a step on the pathway to confidence, happiness, security or whatever positive emotion you need at the time.

Having difficulty changing how you feel?

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Stephen Rigby has assisted many people with emotional and life issues using hypnotherapy. In Guildford he also offers a free half hour introduction that will allow you to find out a little bit more about the process and what is required before making a commitment.

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