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Hypnotherapy to Cure a Fear of Heights

Using hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) it is possible to cure your fear of heights or phobia of heights.

A fear of heights is quite common. Many people refer to it as vertigo. In fact, vertigo is a description of the physical feeling of being giddy and losing ones balance. Vertigo describes more the physical symptoms of dizziness that can be associated with a fear of heights and is also the name of a specific medical condition.

Where Does a Fear of Heights Come From?

It is said that everyone is born with a fear of heights but this is generally not what causes the phobia.  A phobia of heights frequently starts with a childhood experience. It may have been an actual physical event or even a scary film or television programme. It may also have been learned from experiencing someone else’s fear, especially if that person was someone emotionally attached to the observer.

A fear of heights can be extremely debilitating, causing distress when ever the sufferer experiences any sensation of height; whether that high up place is looking through a window, walking round a multi level shopping complex or experiencing the scenery from high ground. The fear can even extend to a fear of seeing tall buildings. A fear of heights can send the sufferer into panic driving over bridges and thereby create a driving phobia as well.

Use Hypnotherapy to Address Your Fear of Heights

Hypnotherapy and NLP is used to help the sufferer to view the experience of heights from a different, safer, perspective. The hypnosis allows you to develop a new perspective that does not hold the emotion that was programmed in by previous experiences that caused and reinforced your phobia.

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Overcome Your Fear of Heights