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Hypnotherapy for Overcoming a Fear of Flying, Flying Phobia

Using hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can cure a fear of flying or flying phobia. Flying without fear is an achievable goal. It is possible to overcome a fear of flying and cure aviophobia.

Who, Other Than The Pilot, Actually Enjoys Flying?

It is probably true that everyone has to overcome some degree of concern over flying even if this does not extend to overcoming an actual fear. If you have a flying phobia, being quoted statistics that it is the safest form of transport does not seem to carry much impact. I heard an executive from a major airline once put it into perspective by saying that it may be the safest mode of transport but it is also the most unforgiving. The more safety checks that are made the safer we become but the more we are aware of those safety checks the more we are aware that things can go wrong and the greater the likelihood is that we will become afraid.

How Does a Fear of Flying Develop?

A fear of flying can develop from a “frightening” experience while flying such as bad weather or even the non appearance of turbulence when the captain has warned of its imminent arrival. It can also develop as a consequence of the number of air accidents one has heard of in the news - optimal age for that is 30 to 35 yrs old. Fear of flying is also something that can grow from other fears. A fear of flying can develop from a fear of heights, fear of confined spaces, emetophobia or fear of being sick and one of my clients even developed it from the fear of being alone. A common description of the fear is that of not being in control.

Overcome Your Fear of Flying Using Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a great way to change ones perspective: for example if you looked at flying from the perspective of an airline pilot it is extremely unlikely that you would have any fear of flying.

Read the comments of one of Stephen Rigby's Clients here: Overcome a Fear of Flying - A Personal Account.

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It took just two sessions to address Mark’s fear of flying. Read Mark’s Comments.

Fear of Flying Cured

Overcome a Fear of Flying