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Do You Try to Lose Weight but Really You Are Happier Being Overweight?

To most people who are trying to lose weight, the thought that they are really happy being fat can appear bizarre but this can be a serious consideration when one wants to control ones weight! Often the person does not consciously feel happy being fat but deep down there is a sense of comfort in being big. This feeling of comfort in being fat usually comes down to a feeling of safety.

Bigger or Smaller – Which is Safest?

I had a friend who became a police officer in America. He was a fit slim guy but most of the criminals he encountered were larger than him. The more they weighted the less respect they would give him.  He actually had to put on weight to do his job properly.

We may not find ourselves in the sort of confrontational situation as my American friend but we all live in a hostile environment of sorts. There are plenty of things to make us feel the need to protect ourselves – from relationships to work issues. A layer of fat can take on the form of a protective layer of insulation from the world. Loss of that protective layer of fat can make one feel defenceless or vulnerable.

Attractive or Ugly – Which is Safest?

Fat is not only used as a defence because it makes the individual bigger. It is a common misconception that “fat” women are less attractive to men than thin women. If a woman wants to avoid the attention of men, it is quite common for her to seek safety in fat. This desire to avoid the attention of men is a form of fear. This fear may come from many things - like a fear of violence or even from a woman’s fear of her own inability to reject the sexual advance from any man other than her husband.

Use Hypnotherapy to Address the Issues that Keep You Overweight

Probably the best general defence we have in this world is to be as healthy mentally and physically as we can. If you want to control your weight, you have to look at the emotions that cause you to eat. Hidden motives for becoming fat can cause comfort eating, overeating, binging and obsessing on things like sweets and chocolate. It may surprise you to know that chocolate doesn't make you fat - unless you are using it for comfort eating.

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Using Hypnosis and tools like NLP Stephen Rigby can assist you to take control of your weight and address any emotional issues, issues like a deep down feelings of "being happier fat”, that stand in your way.

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Are You Happier Being Overweight?

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