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Get Rid of your Fear of Dogs with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective if you want to get rid of your fear of dogs or dog phobia.  Most of the dogs we encounter are quite safe but we never have to forget that they are animals with a genetic lineage back to hunters. Dogs are able to smell our fear and that can put some dogs on the defensive and even promote aggressive behaviour. It makes practical sense to get rid of your fear of dogs.   

How Does One Get a Fear of Dogs?

Some claim that to get rid of a fear of dogs one has to understand from where it comes. It is easy to say that one gets a fear of dogs by being frightened by a dog or by experiencing someone else’s fear. This is often the case but when my own daughter was a child she had a fear of dogs and we never figured out from where it came.  It is not uncommon for someone to know what started their fear but that rarely makes any difference to the fear they feel.

Why Doesn’t Everyone have a Fear of Dogs?

Dogs are potentially dangerous animals.  Most people are cautious around dogs that they do not know, yet do not describe themselves as having a fear of dogs. The human mind is exceptionally talented in addressing fear. We are so effective at addressing fear that we can even become complacent. Fear is a protective emotion but if we are exposed to something we identify as dangerous and it does not harm us or we can modify our behaviour to neutralise the potential danger, our fear subsides. Our minds go through a process but if that process is interrupted we can only experience fear in response to it – even if our logical mind is telling us there is no reason for the fear.

Hypnotherapy “Normalises” Your Fear of Dogs

You would not want to lose the ability to feel fear of dogs because that would be potentially dangerous. Think of hypnosis as a means to normalise your emotions and remove the “over the top” fear response to a dog.

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Stop putting up with a fear of dogs (dog phobia). Book a hypnotherapy appointment with Stephen Rigby at his Guildford or Woking, Surrey practice for treatment now! Remember you can get a free introductory appointment in Guildford if you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail. (Normal Charges Here)

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Does Hypnotherapy Work?

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Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of your fear of dogs.

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