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Are You Overweight because You Have a Fear of Being Thin?

Everybody wants to be thin. Thin people are attractive and outgoing. Thin people are healthy. Thin people are successful. Thin people are happy. Thin people have fewer problems that are easier to solve. Most of all, thin people are confident and in control of their lives.

If you sympathise with any of the above statements, you are putting a lot of responsibility on your size and in many cases creating a barrier to your losing weight. You may be giving yourself a fear of being thin because if you were thin, there would be no excuses – you would have to be successful, outgoing, confident and in control of your life!

Do You Believe in Stereotypes?

In an experiment reported in a television programme young girls were shown a photograph of a girl of a similar age to themselves. Each photograph contained a line of images with each being digitally altered. As the images moved from left to right the model had been made to look 1% fatter than the previous one. The girls were asked a number of questions about the photograph. In response to the question “who is the happiest?” the answer was always “the one on the far left”.

Ones size does not determine ones emotional state (but if we followed the stereotype all fat people would be jolly!) neither does ones size identify ones degree of perfection but if you believe it does, then staying fat can make life an awful lot easier for you! Experiencing a fear of having to live up to the stereotype of a thin person’s perfection subconsciously makes being fat a much more attractive proposition.

Have Realistic Expectations

There are so many people who believe that the only way to get happy is to get thin when deep down they are happy being fat.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping create a realistic image of yourself and remove illogical barriers to being in control of your weight. You do not have to have a fear of being thin and removing one can make the process of weight loss much easier.

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Are You Frightened Of Being Thin?

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