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Clinical Hypnotherapy: a Natural Treatment for Eczema or Dermatitis

Hypnotherapy is a recognised treatment for eczema. Hypnotherapy is a perfectly natural treatment because it aims to use the innate healing power of ones own mind and body. As with all complementary treatments one should always discuss options available with ones medical practitioner prior to consulting a hypnotherapist.

There is no cure for eczema and any medical or alternative remedy can only manage the condition.  

Eczema or dermatitis, as it is sometimes called, is non contagious skin condition. There are several different types of eczema; the most common form being Atopic eczema. In the United Kingdom, up to one in five of all children of school age has eczema and one in twelve adults. Symptoms of eczema can vary from dry, hot itchy skin to the skin being broken, raw and bleeding in the extreme forms.

Atopic eczema is thought to have a genetic link and to be associated with asthma and hay fever.

There are a number of factors that may account for the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a treatment.  

Removing Eczema Triggers

Many people experience a connection between their stress levels and the severity of their eczema. In the same way that avoiding contact with the substance that triggers ones eczema (e.g. the soap powder one uses to wash ones clothes) will relieve ones eczema so hypnotherapy can relieve ones eczema by reducing ones stress levels.

Physiological effect on Eczema

When the cause of eczema is an allergic response, the skin produces histamines that cause inflammation, swelling and itching. Scratching increases the production of histamines as it damages the skin and it may then become infected. Breaking this vicious cycle can be a major step to easing ones eczema and it has been known since 1963 that hypnosis can prevent hypersensitive skin reactions to allergens (or the chemicals that trigger the eczema).  

Hypnosis can relieve itching and irritation caused by eczema

Hypnosis is well known to be useful in controlling pain and sometimes this proves useful in reducing the urge to scratch and can even relieve night-time scratching.

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Stephen Rigby offers a free half hour introduction session at his Guildford practice if you wish to discuss your complaint in more detail.  If you are looking for complementary therapy to supplement conventional medicine, maybe clinical hypnosis is the valuable tool you need.(Normal Charges Here)  

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Clinical Hypnotherapy for Eczema

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