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Hypnotherapy to cure a fear of driving or driving phobia

Using hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) it is possible to cure or overcome a driving phobia, fear of driving, fear of motorway driving or the associated fear of road travel.

As roads get busier and we rely more and more on the motor car for getting about it is understandable that we encounter more and more situations that make us uncomfortable. Even the most confident drivers may find they are uncomfortable driving in places like central London or when motorway driving.

Causes of a Driving Phobia

A fear of driving or driving phobia can start in many ways; the most obvious is to be involved in an accident but any number of fears can contribute to this phobia. A few other facets of a driving phobia or fear of driving are:

What is it like having a Fear of Driving

Understandably, a driving phobia affects adults but the fear can still originate years before one was legally able to drive. Fear of driving or a driving phobia presents its self in many ways but typically there is a magnification of the driving experience; the road may seem overloaded with cars travelling in all directions at great speeds, cars may appear or be “felt” to be on collision course or you may believe that the car in which you are travelling is going to slide off the road at every bend click to read Debbie’s experience.

Hypnotherapy to Address a Fear of Driving

Hypnotherapy and NLP is used to help the sufferer to view the initial sensitising experience from a different, safer, perspective. The hypnosis allows you to develop a new perspective that does not hold the fear that was programmed in by the original experience. With the correct treatment your fear of driving or road travel can be cured. Hypnosis can be an effective cure for a fear of driving.

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You can cure a fear of driving. Book a hypnotherapy appointment with Stephen Rigby at his Guildford or Woking, Surrey practice for treatment now! Remember you can get a free introductory appointment in Guildford if you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail. (Normal Charges Here)

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Curing a Fear of Driving

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