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Address: 101 Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7PF  © Stephen Rigby 2002-14 All Rights Reserved  Sitemap

Relieving your Anxiety of Dogs

Whether you describe yourself as feeling anxious round dogs or whether you describe yourself as having a fear or phobia of dogs, hypnotherapy may be the answer for you.  Hypnotherapy is a safe way to address your dog anxiety because you can explore your feelings of anxiety of dogs in total safety – total safety because there is no dogs in the session!

You may ask yourself whether it is possible to reduce your anxiety of dogs without actually having to interact with dogs.  Here are excerpts from emails written to me by clients who came for hypnotherapy to address their fear/anxiety of dogs.

“I am much calmer”

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me get to grips with my dog fear.

“I went to a friends house and as she opened the door her dog came running out. I didn’t flich [sic] and was quiet calm. my friend was very surprised and was shocked to see me like that, where as before I would have paniced [sic] and asked her to take the dog away, I was ok with it.

“I am much calmer when out shopping too. If you remember one of my fears was that a dog would bark if I passed a car. I did this last week and a dog did pounce on the window but I remained very calm.

“I am surprising myself and feeling very happy that I have after all these years made peace with this fear.”

“not a cause for concern to me anymore”

“I have been in contact with a few dogs since our last session and have felt absolutely fine with the presence of them. I had a little heart flutter the other day, however I am putting this down to the fact there were 6 dogs off leads and believe this was my sensible side telling me that I should be aware but not afraid, I pulled in from my belly and got on with what I was doing. All was fine and the day carried on as normal. The dogs which I have come into contact with have remained very cheerful with me or have just paid no attention to my presence

“I still believe that I haven't been fully exposed to random dogs, however I also wonder as to whether I am just not so aware of them as they are not a cause for concern to me anymore.

“I feel a great sense of strength and well-being having learnt to cope and overcome the irrational side of my fear, and feel lightened in my everyday working life that I am not focusing on dogs but more on my work and enjoying my leisure time (walking the heathlands [sic] etc).”

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