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Dieting Makes You Fat – How Is That?

We get fat when we eat too much so if restrict what we eat we will get thin. A diet reduces food eaten so a diet must be the way to loose weight - right? Actually, wrong if you want to keep it off.

Research carried out on the diet industry in 2003, by an independent analysis company (Datamonitor), discovered the number of dieters achieving permanent weight loss an ‘appallingly low’ 1%.

Dieting Makes You Fat – Reason One

Tell someone they cannot have something and they will start to desire it. A diet restricts the consumption of certain foods – typically chocolate or the so called fattening foods so those foods are desired.  

Dieting Makes You Fat – Reason Two

A survival mechanism kicks in when we miss a meal or do not eat enough. We have no control of this mechanism but it directs us to foods with higher calories that are readily absorbed – foods the diet prohibits.

Reasons One and Two ensure that one has both a psychological and physiological pressure to eat the things ones diet prohibits!

Dieting Makes You Fat – Reason Three

Using an external mechanism to control eating – like dieting, disconnects us from the ability to recognise how much we have eaten. This creates a tendency to overeat that continues after the diet has ended.

Dieting Makes You Fat – Reason Four

Our bodies are extremely sensitive to starvation. As soon as our bodies suspect starvation, our metabolism changes and we start to produce more fat. Most diets impose starvation (in a woman less than 1500 and in a man less than 1800 Calories daily).  Going on a diet is, therefore, making ones body resist weight loss.

Dieting Makes You Fat – Reason Five

Experiments carried out at the University of Minnesota demonstrated that after a period of starvation (i.e. dieting) ones appetite increases and does not subside until all the body fat lost during starvation is regained.

This may explain Yo-Yo dieting and why so many people hailed as “Slimmer Of The Year” end up fatter than ever the following year.

What Are The Alternatives?

There is no quick fix to removing the effect of years of overeating but Hypnotherapy can help you to get back in touch with your natural weight control mechanism and control comfort eating. This process reduces how much one eats and, according to my clients, improve ones enjoyment of food.  

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Does Dieting Make You Fat?