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Dealing With Multiple Phobias

Phobia Creep - The Frequent Cause of Multiple Phobias

It is not unusual for people to suffer from more than one phobia. The phobias can be created individually or can creep to seemingly unrelated things.  This can result in the creation of some strange phobias.

The Tangled Journey to a New Phobia

A client (Sally - not her real name) came to me claiming phobias of confined spaces, heights and fairground rides. She wanted to address all of her phobias.  During her first session we addressed what she felt was her greatest fear – that of heights. Following our first session she was able to go many high places without fear but realised she could not go near escalators.

The Connecting Phobia Discovered

Sally’s fear of escalators had been “hidden” by her other fears. We discovered that escalators made the connection between her fear of heights, confined spaces and fairground rides.

Sally’s fear of heights had started when she fell from a wall and her fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia) when she became trapped inside a box (both childhood experiences).

On a visit to London in her mid teens Sally recalled being unable to descend an escalator on the London Underground because to do so would have resulted in her being “trapped” in an underground train. Her claustrophobia “crept” to escalators (phobias can develop that quickly).

Fear Transferred to Fairground Rides

It was when Sally was 17 that her fear of fairground rides started: the Big Wheel stopped while she was at the top. Sally panicked and remembers being physically restrained from jumping from the ride (a greater fear had overcome her fear of heights).

Prior to this incident Sally had enjoyed fairgrounds rides. On this occasion, however, Sally had been hit by three phobias simultaneously.  Firstly, there was her fear of heights, then a sense of being trapped (claustrophobia). Thirdly, her view down through the steel structure of the Big Wheel “reminded” her subconscious of an escalator. Her three phobias added together and “crept” to the Big Wheel. From there it quickly became generalised to all fairground rides.  

Phobia Creep Will Continue if Not Stopped

It is not necessary to discover the cause of a phobia but frequently in addressing them we get clues. Phobia creep is a continuing problem for some people which results, in extreme cases, of them becoming more and more imprisoned by their fears.

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