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Why is Chocolate Thought to be Fattening?

“If you eat a bar of chocolate every day, you have to accept that you are going to get fat!” That is what a friend of mine once said!

My friend seemed to become totally confused when I pointed out to her that I have had clients that ate significantly more than one bar of chocolate a day who were not overweight and clients who, not only did not eat chocolate but also did not seem to eat enough to “keep a bird alive” who were overweight.

You Can Eat Chocolate and Control Weight!

The average daily energy requirement for a woman is 2000 Calories and for a man it is 2500 Calories. Even if you just ate chocolate bars, in theory, a healthy woman could eat up to six Mars bars (280 Calories a bar) and a healthy man up to eight a day without any fear of laying down fat. Within a healthy diet there is, therefore, plenty of scope for eating chocolate on a daily basis. There is even evidence to indicate that chocolate is good for you

Yet there seems to be a general sympathy for the person who says “I only have to look at chocolate to put on weight”? Why is this? Sadly we have to blame dieting for this problem (See Dieting Makes You Fat)

You Will Desire What You Tell Yourself You Cannot Have

When people deprive themselves or tell themselves that things like chocolate are “bad” it can create extremes of behaviour. It is possible that one person may develop a fear of food and another profess that they can't stop eating.

It all creates pressure to eat chocolate in addition to ones normal food requirement.

Stop Depriving Yourself - Learn How to Enjoy Eating Differently

Weight control is not about depriving oneself. If you want to learn more about how hypnotherapy can help you control your weight,  

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Using Hypnosis and tools like NLP Stephen Rigby can assist you to get control of your weight.

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Does Chocolate Make You Fat?

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