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What are the benefits of Calorie Counting?

A Calorie is a measurement of energy. The energy contained in food is measured in Calories. Energy not used is stored in the form of fat.

One pound of body fat contains 3,500 Calories

The average daily energy requirement for a woman is 2,000 Calories and for a man is 2,500 Calories.

This means that if the average woman ate 500 Calories extra a day (2500 Calories – just under 10 fingers of Kit Kat) it would take her at least one week to put on a pound of body fat.

As the major reason for being overweight is overeating (consuming too many Calories), it seems to make sense to engage in Calorie counting to reduce ones weight but there are certain pitfalls.

Our Bodies Do Not React Well To Starvation

If one reduces ones Calorie intake below 1500 Calories for a woman and 1800 Calories for a man, ones body goes into starvation mode producing rapid weight gain when starvation stops - “Yo Yo” diet cycle. See “Dieting Makes You Fat”.

It Also Depends When You Eat

It is not an old wives tale!  An experiment reported in 2008 indicated that over eating at the end of the day caused a significantly greater weight gain than over eating at the beginning of the day. This could be the starvation effect kicking in. So miss breakfast and eat your main meal late in the day and you may be wasting your time Calorie counting.

Did you know that the Japanese Sumo wrestlers never eat in the morning?

Up to 50% of Calories Consumed are Overlooked

When counting Calories it is generally found that some are “missed”. This is due to the belief in, so called, “fattening foods”.  A Calorie counter is more likely to overlook foods they believe to be non-fattening. Up to 50% of Calories can typically be ignored.

Is Calorie Counting Worth the Effort?

So what happens if you actually achieve the weight loss you desired through counting Calories? The theory is that you have educated yourself to eat differently and this will result in your weight becoming stable. The trouble is that all you have educated yourself to do is count Calories so you have to do this for the rest of your life or lose control of your weight again.

Managing Your Weight Does Not Require Calorie Counting

If we are healthy, we all have an inbuilt mechanism for managing our weight. Hypnotherapy and not Calorie counting can help you access this inbuilt mechanism.

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Is It Worth Counting Calories?