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Eczema Case History - Sarah’s Story Page 2

4. What Sarah wanted from Hypnotherapy

Sarah wanted to:

5. Underlying Problem (the root cause)

Conversation with Sarah revealed that her eczema got worse when she experienced increased stress at work. Using counselling skills we determined that the times when her eczema was particularly bad (early and late teens) were associated with periods of severe emotional distress (the divorce of her parents with the loss of her father then reuniting with her father in her late teens).

A key discovery was that during the incident in her early teens Sarah did not express the extreme sadness that one would expect her to have felt. We determined that the eczema was the way Sarah contained her emotion.

Using a number of hypnotic techniques we explored:

We discovered that the eczema had begun around the time that Sarah started school (possibly her very first day). The experience of starting school is particularly stressful for a five year old but Sarah’s mother had been so excited for her that Sarah had not wanted to say how distressing it was for her. At five Sarah learnt to turn her emotion inward and produce the symptoms of eczema. This is how Sarah treated emotion from this point onwards. The uncontrollable urge to scratch until she hurt herself was added in her early teens when she overheard an adult conversation (news of the impending divorce) that she knew was causing hurt to her mother. As a child she could do nothing – the frustration was turned against herself. Using visualisation we discovered that, subconsciously, Sarah regarded her eczema as something comforting. The symptoms were the problem and these fought against each other each wanting relief from each other. The scratching in the night was the result of this contention. In her daily life Sarah was trapped in the feelings that she experienced when her parents informed her of the divorce.

6. Sarah’s actions

Sarah used her discoveries about herself and did the following:

7. Benefits experienced by Sarah as a result of her therapy

As a result Sarah achieved her objectives of:

Sarah also experienced the following additional improvements to her life:






Clinical Hypnotherapy

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