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Eczema Case History - Sarah’s Story

1. Introduction
2. Synopsis
3. Presenting Problem (as the client understood it)
4. What Sarah wanted from Hypnotherapy
5. Underlying Problem (the root cause)
6. Sarah’s actions
7. Benefits experienced by Sarah as a result of her therapy
8. Sarah’s Comments

1. Introduction

The following case history is presented with the permission of the client. Her name and certain details of her life have been changed to protect her identity.

Sarah has allowed her experience to be shared in this way in order to dispel some of the mystery that surrounds the area of hypnotherapy. The details recorded in this case history took place over six sessions. The case study is not presented as a template for a typical course of hypnotherapy because everyone is treated as an individual. It is important to highlight that the incidents described are not presented as a cause of Sarah's eczema - eczema is a medical condition. What is described are incidents where Sarah learnt how to act in certain ways emotionally. This behaviour intensified the effects of stress on her eczema. The effect of hypnotherapy can possibly be described as allowing Sarah to modify her reaction to stress thereby reducing its impact on her eczema.

For those who do not wish to read the full case history a synopsis has been provided.

2. Synopsis

Sarah (25), a marketing executive, visited Stephen Rigby for help to control eczema on her hands and face with which she had suffered since the age of five.

Using hypnotherapy and counselling it was discovered that the eczema was stress related and was caused by the internalisation of emotion. Sarah’s subconscious had learned to channel emotion into eczema at the age of five when she decided (with a child’s logic) to hide her real feelings about school from her excited mother. This need to hide emotion was reinforced by two more distressing childhood incidents.

Using hypnotic technique, Sarah become aware of and made changes in her attitude to life and her attitude to emotion.

As a result Sarah achieved her objectives of:

Sarah also experienced the following additional improvements to her life:

3. Presenting Problem (as the client understood it)

Sarah came to me for help with her eczema. Eczema is a common skin disease. It includes different types of dermatitis, or inflamed (red, itchy rash) skin. The exact cause of eczema is not known. Sarah experienced the classic symptoms of a rash on her face and hands. This rash became worse during cold weather and the itching disturbed her sleep. Sarah would scratch her hands in her sleep and would often wake with her hands bleeding. Sometimes when she was awake the desire to itch became an uncontrollable compulsion. On those occasions nothing would stop Sarah scratching until her hands were extremely painful. Sarah had first suffered with the complaint at the age of five. She had suffered severely in her teens and had not been free of it for her entire working life.

Sarah obtained cortisone cream from her doctor but over the years it had thinned the skin on her hands and that made them prone to splitting and tearing when scratched. To cut down on the use of cortisone creams Sarah used a number of different moisturisers and avoided getting her hands wet.






Relief of Eczema using Hypnotherapy

Success at treating Eczema

There are many causes for Atopic Eczema.  We could not find a physical cause for Sarah’s Eczema but hypnotherapy certainly seemed to help.

Here is a brief account of one woman’s experience of hypnotherapy.

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