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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is not a single form of therapy but uses many approaches that are applied using hypnosis.  This makes Hypnotherapy an extremely powerful form of therapy.

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What is Hypnotherapy

Stephen Rigby:

Your Hypnotherapist

Fully qualified, fully insured and registered with the GHR, the largest professional register of hypnotherapists in the country.

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful yet perfectly safe and natural frame of mind. Some estimate that we enter this relaxed state naturally four to eight times every hour.  

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What is Hypnosis The General Hypnotherapy Register The General Hypnotherapy Register
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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a catalyst to initiate and maintain positive change: a way to assist you to travel from now to a point in the future that is better. Life Coaching can help you decide on your destination and chart your course to that destination. Life Coaching helps you get what you really want and for this reason it is sometimes referred to as Success Coaching. Life Coaching can also be referred to as Executive Coaching. In Executive Coaching the process is the same but the emphasis tends to be more work orientated and generally takes place at the person’s place of work.

Life Coaching for You

Once coaching used to be available to only an elite few. It seemed that coaches were the privilege of only top athletes and executives but everyone knows how hard it can be to maintain enthusiasm working at something on there own. Having someone there to enthuse and encourage you not only makes things easier but also enables greater achievement. A Life Coach provides this help.

Life Coaching is not Therapy

Throughout our lives we often encounter emotional challenges and we address them in the best way we are able at the time. Sometimes these challenges leave us with continuing problems. Life Coaching focuses on the future but the solution to certain problems lies in addressing the past. Problems with a physical manifestation, (e.g. smoking, weight problems, nail biting, skin or bowel problems etc.) or emotional manifestation (e.g. phobias, depression, jealousy etc.) are generally not addressable using Life Coaching. For these issues Hypnotherapy would normally be suggested.

Life Coaching using NLP

Life Coaching helps you to change your perspective on many of the obstacles that have previously held you back and you will probably be taught various different NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) mental exercises to assist you in achieving this.

Life Coaching: The Means to Help you Realise Your Dreams

A Life Coach works with you to help you achieve the life that previously was only a dream. This could be an improvement in your personal or professional life or both. It could even be a complete life overhaul. A life coach is 100% working towards your success. Coaching not only gives you practical encouragement and support but also helps you gain the insight into yourself that enables you to overcome those limiting beliefs that have stood in your way in the past.

For priority service ring Stephen Rigby now on 01483 566115 to make a free 30 minute appointment to discuss your Life Coaching needs or use the booking form.

What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a process whereby you can decide the direction you want in life and learn how to follow that direction to achieve your goals.

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Stephen Rigby:

Your Life Coach

Fully qualified, fully insured and registered.  Learn a little more about the qualification of your Life Coach, Stephen Rigby.

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What is NLP?

Many Life Coaches use something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Generally not thought of as hypnosis although advanced practitioners are skilled hypnotherapists.  

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