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2. Hypnobirthing - Guildford Main Practice Only (continued)

2.2 Where recordings of hypnosis sessions are provided they are in the form of MP3 and will be made available through Internet file transfer.  It is the responsibility of the client to supply an email address, Internet connection and their own means of listening to the MP3.  If requested the hypnosis session can be made available on a CD.  No responsibility is taken for failure of the clients equipment or Internet connection.

2.3 The hypnobirthing programme can be delivered in one, two or three sessions, depending on circumstances and the time available before the due date.  Details of the three programmes are as follows:

Available from week 12 of pregnancy

Two free MP3s provided of the hypnosis portion of the session; one each in session two and three.

Available no later than week 30 to 34 of pregnancy

One free MP3 provided of the pregnancy and birthing relevant hypnosis of the session  

Available after week 34 of pregnancy

One free MP3 provided of the pregnancy and birthing relevant hypnosis of the session

3. Life Coaching and Executive Coaching

3.1 Life Coaching is available at the Guildford Main Practice and by telephone.

3.2 Executive Coaching is carried out at the place of employment of the person being coached. Executive coaching is subject to terms, conditions and charges that are available on request.

3.3 Life Coaching is not appropriate for everyone. All candidates for life coaching must attend a primer session, lasting up to half an hour. The primer session is free of charge (subject to the terms and conditions of cancelling appointments stated below) and can be conducted over the phone if required. All candidates for life coaching must complete a questionnaire and a primer session prior to the first full session.

3.4 Life Coaching is normally conducted over a period of one to six months depending on what achievement is required and the budget available. The first four sessions of life coaching are conducted on a weekly basis; a mutual decision on the time period between subsequent sessions is decided when additional sessions are requested. Sessions can be conducted by telephone and email or face to face. Telephone calls for life coaching sessions are made by the person receiving life coaching.  

3.5 Each Life Coaching session lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. Under normal circumstances late arrival for the start of a session does not change the end time.

3.6 Assignments will be set that will be required to be completed prior to the next session.

3.7 The minimum number of full Life Coaching sessions that can be booked is four. This does not include the free primer session. After booking the initial four sessions the client may choose to proceed one session at a time. Under normal circumstances single sessions will be made at the conclusion of the previous session.

3.8 Investment in Life Coaching is made in advance at a rate of £280 per four sessions. Single sessions require an investment of £90 per session. Payment can be made in cash or by cheque. Cheque payments must have cleared prior to the session to which it refers.

3.9 A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given to change appointment times or the full session fee is payable. Primer sessions are free of charge to attend but if the 48 hour rule is not adhered to a £30 fee is payable.

To book an appointment for Life Coaching, Hypnobirthing or Hypnotherapy:

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