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Stephen Rigby

Address: 101 Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7PF  Email:

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Stephen Rigby Hypnotherapy

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Charges, Terms & Conditions

Price Summary

Hypnotherapy Guildford Main Practice and the Holistic Health Centre, Woking:

Stop Smoking £250 (cancellation within 48 hours £90)

Other issues Guildford £70 per session or Woking £80 (cancellation within 48 hours Guildford £70, Woking £80)

Introductory 30 minute session £0 free – Guildford only (cancellation within 48 hours £70)  

Hypnobirthing (Guildford Main Practice Only)

To be carried out over three (the ideal), two or one “triple” session.  For session breakdown see section 3 below. Alternate payment plans are available by prior arrangement.

Life Coaching (Payment in advance):

Course of four sessions £280 (cancellation of single session within 48 hours £70)

Single Sessions £90 (cancellation within 48 hours £90)

Primer session £0 free (cancellation within 48 hours £30)

Full Terms and Conditions

Clients are reminded that Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching involve working with ones emotions. It is our intention to make Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching sessions as uplifting as possible but we cannot guarantee that unpleasant or upsetting feelings will not emerge during these sessions.

1. Hypnotherapy – Guildford Main Practice and Holistic Health Centre, Woking

1.1 Hypnotherapy sessions are by appointment only. Being late for the start of an appointment will not change the end time.

1.2 A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given of a rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment otherwise a cancellation fee will become payable. (Guildford £70, Woking £80, All Smoking cessation non-attendance: £90)

1.3 Guildford: For normal sessions payment is by cheque, bank transfer or cash and is due at the start of each session (bank transfers obviously need to be processed before the session to comply). For smoking cessation, payment is in advance by cleared cheque or bank transfer or by cash on the day.

Woking: Payment is taken in advance for each session via cash, cleared cheque or bank transfer.

1.4 Smoking cessation sessions, lasting approximately 90 minutes, are charged at a rate higher than a standard therapy session because of their intensity. Your investment of £250 includes up to two back up sessions (55 minutes each) within the first six months, if required.

1.5 Sessions, other than smoking cessation are charged per session at £70 in Guildford or £80 in Woking (55 minutes).

1.6 At the Guildford Main Practice, session times can be extended by up to 30 minutes without further charge. This extension is at your therapist's discretion and only occurs if your therapist feels that it would be of benefit to you.

1.7 Free half hour introductory sessions are offered only at the Guildford Main Practice. Introductory sessions are not given for smoking cessation. Introductory sessions are free but rescheduling or cancellation without giving 48 hours notice will result in a cancellation charge of £70.

2. Hypnobirthing - Guildford Main Practice only

2.1 Clauses 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 also apply to Hypnobirthing sessions. (Please go to Page 2 to continue)

Conditions of receiving Therapy and Life Coaching

Our intention is to give you the best Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching it is possible to give.

These terms and conditions exist to ensure that you, and other clients, can get the service you deserve.

There are no hidden costs and we strive to make your treatment as economical as possible.